Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm Back!

Sorry it has taken me so long to post more benefit cards. I got the pictures off my sister's camera last week, but my oldest dd didn't put the list of names in my purse like I asked her to so I didn't know who did what card. Luckily, my sister found it at her house halfway under her couch.

We went to Michigan to my in-laws house on Thanksgiving Day and came home late Friday night. My sister, my cousin and I took a trip to Avon on Saturday so we could go shopping at Michael's. I didn't buy anything exciting--just blades for my paper trimmer and a storage container to put the projects I am currently working on in.

On Sunday I started to feel sick again. Near the end of October I had gotten a cold. After the sinus stuff went away, I was left with a lingering cough. Well, my cough turned into an even worse cough on Sunday along with very painful sinus pressure and all the yucky stuff that comes with it. My 5 year old dd also got a cold so the both of us have been coughing and sounding terrible all week long. Today is the first day that I actually feel better and can sit at the computer without getting a terrible headache.

Here are more of the cards donated for the benefit. I apologize if some of the pictures aren't the greatest. With almost 300 cards to take pictures of in less than a week, my sister and I had to do a rush job.

These were donated by Angie J., Overland Park, KS:

This is a boxed set of cards by Ashley N., Manassas, VA:

These are from Barbara W.:

These are from Cindy L., Winchester, NH:

This is a boxed set of 4 from Cindy M., Loveland, CO:

These are from Curt O., Carmel, IN:

These are from Emily C., Seattle, WA:

These are from Gina K., McFarland, WI:

And finally for today, these are from Helen K., Baraga, MI:

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