Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Just a quick note

Once again, I appear to be slacking on posting on my blog but really I'm not. My uncle got sick and died in November so I didn't do any stamping. Then on December 1 my computer died when my DH installed more memory. I still don't have my computer back (hopefully, in the next couple days I will get it). I've been going to my sister's a couple days a week to check my email but don't have time to post any projects on here.

I really wanted to post a 12 days of Christmas project that my sister and I did a couple years ago but the pictures are on my computer. I was going to post the project in memory of my uncle who died since my sister and I did it for him and our aunt. If I'm still blogging this time next year, I will be sure to post it.

In case I don't get my computer back before Christmas, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!