Sunday, June 10, 2007

Simple Graduation card

I made this quick graduation card today for my DH's coworker's son. I really don't have any graduation stamps (it is extremely rare that I know anyone graduating so why buy graduation stamps!) so I decided to use the high school initials and the school colors. I hope the ribbon doesn't make it look too girly.

I forgot to scan the inside of the card but I stamped "congrats" in blue and then had a graduation cap stamped in orange and slightly above and to the right of the "s" in "congrats."

Orange and blue are definitely two colors that I wouldn't normally put together but they are the school colors--thank God I didn't go to that high school (I can't believe I will be going to my 20th class reunion this year!) because I really do not like the color orange!

For this card, I used:

Stamps: CTMH Rustic Alpha, The Works Alpha, Geometric Thoughts
Paper and Ink: CTMH orange, star spangled blue, white daisy
Ribbon: CTMH Dutch Blue grosgrain (I think this ribbon matches star spangled blue better than Dutch Blue)

I did make two more cards today after the graduation party but I will have to post them later. They are shadow box cards so I couldn't stick them in my scanner. By the time I got home it was too dark in my house to take good pictures.


Kim said...

That is a WONDERFUL idea for a graduation card. Thanks for the inspiration! -Kim

Awna said...

great idea Cheryl!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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