Friday, September 7, 2007

Alzheimer's Memory Walk

My sister and I are participating in the local Alzheimer's Memory Walk on September 29. I decided to form my own team instead of joining someone else's because I have a few family members (my mom, two uncles and an aunt) who are suffering from Alzheimer's.

I have set a goal to get $500 in donations for the walk, but so far I have only managed to raise $90. That is a looong way from $500. My sister and I have a little friendly competition going on to see who can raise the most. The loser will have to clean the other's house. So far my sister is beating me by $10. If you would like to help me (and, of course, the Alzheimer's Association), you can make a donation here: Memory Walk. If you are not comfortable donating online, there is a link to a form that you can print and mail in. Any donation big or small would be greatly appreciated.

I also have a goal to have a total of 5 team members but so far I only have 2. If you are near Sandusky, and would like to walk to benefit a great cause, please consider joining my team Friends Together Against Alzheimer's.

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